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Final fantasy
Highwind Takes to the Skies Intro 14 3kb
Sending a Dream Into the Universe 4-09 4kb
Waltz de Chocobo 2-06 4kb
Continue 2-15 4kb
Unknown 2-00 4kb
Tango of Tears 3-14 4kb
Racing Chocobos-Place Your Bets 3-11 9kb
Interupted by Fireworks 3-16 9kb
Aerith's Theme 3-19 9kb
Barett's Theme 1-06 9kb
Lurking in the Darkness 1-08 9kb
It's Difficult to Stand on Both Feet, Isn't It 2-1210kb
Underneath the Rotting Pizza 1-14 10kb
Opressed People 1-15 10kb
Farm Boy 2-05 10kb
Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony 2-11 10kb
Off the Edge of Dispair 4-06 10kb
Fanfare 1-11 10kb
Descendant of Shinobi 3-04 10kb
Honeybee Manor 1-16 11kb
If You Open Your Heart... 4-11 11kb
Buried in the Snow 3-20 11kb
Sandy Badlands 2-21 11kb
Turk's Theme 1-13 11kb
Those Chosen by the Planet No Intro 1-23 12kb
Costa Del Sol 2-16 12kb
Cait Sith's Theme 2-20 12kb
Flowers Blooming in the Chruch 1-12 12kb
Those Chosen by the Planet 3-05 12kb
Trail of Blood 2-13 12kb
Anxious Heart 1-04 12kb
Cosmo Canyon 3-01 12kb
The Countdown Begins 4-10 13kb
ShinRa Army Wages a Full Scale Attack 4-01 13kb
FFVII Main Theme Second Half 14kb
Tifa's Theme 1-05 14kb
Reunion 3-22 14kb
Weapon Raid 4-02 15kb
Steal the Tiny Bronco! 3-08 15kb
Fiddle de Chocobo 3-12 16kb
Highwind Takes to the Skies 4-03 17kb
On That Day, 5 Years Ago 2-04 18kb
Hurry Faster! 4-08 18kb
Judgement Day 4-13 18kb
Cinco de Chocobo 2-08 18kb
Gold Saucer 2-19 19kb
You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet 3-18 20kb
Infiltrating ShinRa Tower 1-19 20kb
The Great Northern Cave 3-21 23kb
Wutai 3-09 23kb
Electric de Chocobo 2-07 23kb
Fighting 1-10 23kb
J-E-N-O-V-A 2-14 24kb
A Secret, Sleeping in the Deep Sea 4-04 25kb
Chasing the Black-Caped Man 2-09 26kb
Jenova Absolute 4-14 27kb
FFVII Main Theme 2-01 30kb
Makou Reactor 1-03 31kb
Still More Fighitng 1-20 31kb
Hurry! 1-07 33kb
Crazy Motorcycle 1-22 35kb
The Birth of God 4-15 37kb
Bombing Mission 39kb
Staff Roll 4-18 50kb
One Winged Angel No Chorus 4-16 50kb
One Winged Angel 4-16 51kb
World Crisis 4-17 66kb


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